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这是关于科技进步的英语ppt演讲下载,主要介绍了21st century is the century of technology;Science and technology are the primary productive forces;I wanna a more advanced world,欢迎点击下载。




21st century is the century of technology. Science and technology are the primary productive forces Takes a broad view at the ancient and moderns in China and abroad, human society's each progress, is following the technology improvement. Especially modern technology improvement by leaps and bounds(突飞猛进), opened a broader space for the social productive forces development and humanity's civilization, promoted the economical and society's development powerfully. Our country's computer, the communication, the biological medicine, the new material High-tech enterprise's explosive growth, raised our country's industry technical level enormously, promoted industry, the farm labor efficiency large scale enhancement(增强), has led the entire national economy development powerfully. The fulfillment proves that high new technique and its domain(范围,领域) have already become the group leader industry of contemporary economic development Science technique is the sign of mankind civilization Technology's improvement and popularization, have provided the new methods of dissemination(传播) thought culture,such as broadcast, television, movie, video recording, network and so on.which enabled the ideological and ethical progress(精神文明建设) to have the new carrier(载体). At the same time, it regarding to have very important meaning to rich people's spiritual life, renews people's ideological concept, dispels the superstition(破除迷信) and so on . Technology improvement had already created the giant material wealth and the spiritual wealth for the humanity. Along with era of knowledge economy's(知识经济时代) arrival, the technology without limits(永无止境的) development and the infinite(无限的) creativity, will surely continue to make a more tremendous contribution for the human culture. Technology improvement 's society affects Economic development driving force (原动力) The fighting strength on the military In political influence Social progress propelling force (推动力) I wanna a more advanced world. My major reason is because when you have advanced technologies, life is much easier as robots and machines would take over your daily life chores. For example, daily life chores(零星工作) might be serving your breakfast, cutting your lawn, or cleaning your room. With robots and machines doing one’s chores one has time to relax. Another reason is because unlike humans, robots and machines do not make mistakes when programmed correctly. They always accomplish tasks perfectly so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake and getting trouble I wanna a more advanced world. Other reasons why I want advanced technologies are because they save a great deal of time and money. For example, if you are a wealthy man who always had trouble employing talented maids, you can buy a cleaning robot and use it for the rest of your life. Therefore, you won’t have to use all your time employing talented maids. Also, you will save a lot of money from not having to pay servants. I wanna a more advanced world. Another example of benefits from advanced technology is that if there are new, developed vehicles(载体) that will transport people to anywhere rapidly, so that one would not need to spend all those boring, long hours in an airplane to try to get to another country, which will save much time not only on long travels but also on daily commutes(通勤) High-tech product wish for the tuther. I wish a more advanced world with great technologies. It would be so cool to work out all the complicated machines and robots. Don’t you think it will be awesome(棒极了) to press just a few complicated buttons(没有价值的小东西) than do the labor yourself? In the future it would be more about using your brain and being intelligent than doing the hard labor yourself. I hope these days come within my lifetime.


科技与进步英语ppt:这是科技与进步英语ppt下载,主要介绍了Science and technology are the primary productive forces;Science technique is the sign of mankind civilization;Technology improvement 's society affects,欢迎点击下载。




  • 关于科技进步的英语ppt演讲


  • 关于科技进步的英语ppt演讲